Modifications to the General Sales Conditions can be made at any time by SOLDATI sas di Soldati Gianfranco & C, prior to relevant communication effected through dedicated business channels.


All product prices displayed inside the “E-commerce Area” are particular prices, since product defects may be discovered after products are released. These defects affect non-core functions and do not cause products be unusable.
Prices are exclusive of VAT and do not include transport, dispatch or packaging costs, which will be calculated automatically and displayed before the order confirmation.

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Product Availability

In case of availability problems, where the number of orders exceeds the current stock level, customers will be informed by e-mail with an expected availability and delivery time within 72 hours from receipt of their order. Customers shall accept delayed delivery times within 72 hours; if that doesn’t happen, the order may be cancelled or considered juridically non-existent. After this term, the advance payment made by the customer will be transferred with no interest and/or expense reimbursement due.

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Order confirmation

WWW.SOLDATI.IT may require just an e-mail order confirmation or a deposit based on the method of payment selected by every single customer (as stated in the paragraph "METHODS OF PAYMENT" below).

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Delivery and courier services

WWW.SOLDATI.IT is available for online delivery throughout Italy, the Republic of San Marino, the Vatican City and the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden. Courier: BRT S.p.A.(Bartolini).
Goods are delivered at the customers’ own risk; the seller shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense resulting from anything occurring during, or attributable to, transportation (as stated in the paragraphs "Product delivery " and "Transport damage claim procedure").
The seller suggests customers should stipulate an open policy of insurance on goods while in transit.

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Delivery times and conditions

Estimated delivery time of WWW. SOLDATI.IT is four working days, typically consisting of the shipping preparation plus transportation time, the latter depending on the distance traversed.
Goods are delivered to the address given by the customer on the order form. Delivery is to the ground floor of any address with suitable access; be aware that couriers will not bring any goods to the upper floors.
If delivery cannot take place because of a mistake due to the customer, WWW.SOLDATI.IT will charge the price of the return to the customer.

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Forwarding charges

Forwarding charges, which may vary according to the parcels’ weight and size and the shipping addresses, will be calculated automatically from the shop system and will be shown before the order confirmation.
Italy, Republic of San Marino and Vatican City:

  • Up to 30 kilos and 0,125 m3: €.9,50. Paying cash on delivery, customers will be charged a 1%-supplement for the courier service (minimum €.5,00 per shipment).
  • Over 30 kilos and 0,125 m3: if the order is large enough to not fit in the same shipment envelope as a small sized order, it will be divided into the necessary amount of packages; if not possible, the cost of the single shipment (plus the courier service supplement) will be calculated automatically from the shop system based on its weight and size.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden:

Forwarding charges depend on the weight and size of ordered products; they will be calculated automatically from the shop system and will be shown before the order confirmation.

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Methods of Payment

WWW.SOLDATI.IT accepts the following methods of payment (Italy, Republic of San Marino and Vatican City):

  • Visa and Mastercard credit cards;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Cash on delivery;

WWW.SOLDATI.IT accepts the following methods of payment (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden):

  • Visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • Bank transfer

Payments by Credit Card
WWW.SOLDATI.IT accepts all major credit cards belonging to Visa and Mastercard circuits (CartaSì, Carta BancoPosta, Carta Postepay, Carta Aura). Credit card details are stored by the Bank (Banca Carim). They are encrypted through the use of 128-bit cryptographic keys (SSL) and subsequently submitted to the bank, which prevents them being accessed by unauthorized third parties. WWW.SOLDATI.IT shall not access nor display credit card data.

Payments by Bank Transfer
In the case of purchase of goods by bank transfer, delivery will be made after checking of the payment of the amount due by WWW.SOLDATI.IT.
All transfers must be made payable to:

SOLDATI sas di Soldati Gianfranco & C.:
IBAN: IT19E0709067770010010152973

Bank transfer details: order number, customer’s name, customer’s surname. Be aware that it can take 3/5 working days for us to trace your payment once it has been transferred to our account.
Before paying by bank transfer, ask our Customer Service for goods’ availability. If we do not receive your payment within 8/10 days, we will cancel the corresponding order.

Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is a kind of transaction in which payment for a good is made at the time of delivery (max € 900,00)..
30% of the total amount of the order shall be paid in advance by bank transfer. Ordered goods are only delivered after payment of the deposit is done.
The courier will only accept exact sums corresponding to the amount of the order (they do not give change). Payments by cheque or postal order are not admitted.
In the case of amounts which are higher than € 900,00, the courier contacts the customer one day before delivery  to ask for payment by Bank Draft, a copy of which shall be sent to him via fax. The courier will only deliver orders whose amounts equal or exceed € 900,00 after he has received the copy of the bank draft. The Bank Draft shall be addressed to SOLDATI sas di Soldati Gianfranco & C.
In the case of considerable amounts, where forwarding charges equal 30% of the value of the order itself (due to the order size), WWW.SOLDATI.IT reserves the right to ask for a deposit which is 30% higher than the value of the order to be paid by bank transfer.
No interest charges are calculated on down payments. WWW. SOLDATI.IT shall not be liable for any expense caused from paying the deposit.

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Commercial invoice is compulsory; upon placement of the order, customers shall communicate their Taxpayer's code number and VAT Registration Number.

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Our Customer Service provides excellent pre-sale and post-sale support. For further information, contact it through the relevant contact form.

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Purchaser's obligations

The purchaser can’t include lying statements in the registration form he fills in when drawing up the contract and authorizing further contacts; costumers undertake to supply data that are truthful, accurate, complete and up to date. Customers undertake to supply copies of valid identity documents and expressly consent to their handling by WWW. SOLDATI.IT. Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines could result in WWW.SOLDATI.IT terminating the contract due to breach.
WWW.SOLDATI.IT shall not be liable for the issue of tax records which are incorrect due to erroneous data provided by the customer, being the customer the sole responsible for proper filling in.
Upon conclusion of the online sale procedure, customers undertake to print and retain general sales conditions and to print product’s specifications. By accepting the business transaction, costumers signify their consent to these general sales conditions.
Unconditional guarantee of payment is essential; any customers’ breach shall result in the immediate termination of the contract and in WWW.SOLDATI.IT suing for damage.

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Product delivery

Customers shall check the goods upon receipt and any discrepancies must be marked accordingly on the delivery paperwork upon delivery. They shall immediately notify the courier of any damage, defect or discrepancy. The courier shall be liable for damaged or returned goods and for delays in delivering the ordered items.
 WWW.SOLDATI.IT shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay to any shipment.

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Transport damage claim procedure

Should a visual damage be observed during unloading procedures customers shall:

  • Reserve the right to accept: before signing relevant shipping documents, customers shall write "I reserve the right to accept" on the package and, should a damage be observed upon close inspection, they shall be refunded pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 286 of 21/11/2005.
  • Return damaged goods should it not be possible to reserve the right to accept, or with damage visible from the outside.

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By filling in the bank website's dedicated form, customers shall signify their acceptance to the use of their credit card or other cards by WWW.SOLDATI.IT and to the fact it credits its account with the total amount due for the "online" purchase. The whole procedure is effected through a confidential connection operated by the bank which manages the "online" payment service, and WWW.SOLDATI.IT can't access confidential information. Should customers exercise the right of withdrawal, the amount due will be credited directly into the same credit card. By entering personal data in the registration form aimed at fulfilling contract obligations and establishing further contacts, customers signify their acceptance to the fact SOLDATI sas di Soldati Gianfranco & C. can communicate their personal data (country, telephone number) to the trustworthy couriers and/or forwarding agents who are in charge of delivering ordered products.

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